Trends of Gold, Silver and Cryptos. Precious Metals Sustain Investors In Crisis Times


Over the last 12 months, gold has risen around 4%, while silver is up around 70%. (CNBC)

The other quote is about cryptocurrencies.  As we said in our previous posts, the problem with cryptos is they are volatile. And it is particularly dangerous in this period. This is why our advice is now more serious than ever: do not invest in cryptos before you read our FREE guides AND chat or call the experts especially if you are not enough internet-savvy person. Ordine the guides is very easy. It's enough to click any banner on this page. 

The last quotation is about the trends of gold and silver. They perform very well, you've read over there. Precious metals were always secure protection during difficult periods and they show their important role in the portfolio of their owners. Economists expect, gold will have a 20% of annual increase. 

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